Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goodness, time has flown by since the last time I blogged....(as if it's read by anyone). My knitting projects have been "test knitting" on Ravelry...some have been very enjoyable and some I won't go back for seconds...This particular one is fun and full of cables...what impressed me about the pattern and designer was that she unraveled a sweater she bought at Goodwill!! Ah....we need to recycle as much as we can!
Hopefully she will have the pattern posted as soon as the other test knitters finish theirs and give her comments....only positive I'm sure :-)
Summer began officially two weeks ago with my girls finishing up the school a freshman in H.S., the other a 7th grader....ohhhhh who would want to be 13 again??? It has been a challenge with both. The freshman is also learning to drive and KNOWS everything!! She has had a few scares behind the wheel and said today, " Driving isn't as much fun as I thought it would be" couldn't agree more. Hopefully when she goes through the classes this summer, she will feel more comfortable behind the wheel. Right now Mom and Dad use the imaginary break, lean away from the side window and get louder as we say, "break, break, break"
Our 13 year old will go away to camp for three weeks soon...I have to label everything we want back...I am sure some clothes will be lost forever.
Hopefully I will return here with happy thoughts to share of the summer and knitting projects.