Monday, January 21, 2008

It finally took three months and my daughters day off from school to help me get this started....I am totally computer challenged. I used to have a knit shop in NE Ohio, but my husband relocated our whole family to Nashville TN a year ago... the wonderful gal who was my one and only employee.....bought the business and is doing very well....without me...;-(
I try to knit each day....sometimes I get totally distracted and begin NEW projects while there are three or more still in the begining stages.....will I ever have finish-itis?
I hope by starting this blog, I may get the incentive to continue to learn more about knitting, get creative, adding pictures, and hopefully finish something awesome that I will be proud of. I did finish the fetching gloves for my 11 year old daughter for Christmas....I have socks on kneedles for my son(who will graduate from college in May) that will be next on the list of pictures to bear with me for anyone who wants to know "what's the next stitch" for me...

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Kate said...

Cool blog Amy! I love it!