Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recovery Therapy

Okay, so I am recovering from some minor surgery(female stuff)yesterday and I can't lift over 5lbs. Thank goodness I was prepared and had my yarn wound for me. This past weekend, my hubby and youngest daughter drove to Cincinnati to visit our oldest daughter and then to Dayton to see our son.....that is a lot of driving and I am the co-pilot.....got a lot of knitting done on the November Ruffle and also a baby blanket (gift) for a baby due in the next few weeks. check it out....now to begin the ruffle...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I started knitting the "November Wrap" by Kate Jackson Knits( ravelry) and I can't stop...till my hands give up....I can't wait till it is wide enough to begin the ruffle, which is about 5 inches in depth...wow! I am knitting it with Alpacha and wool.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What to knit next????

Today we actually had a snow day.....yup, here in Nashville TN....we had some good size flurries, but they disappeared by noon time. The girls and I got all cozy and watched "No Reservations" while I started the Lucy Bag for Claire....that is her Spring Vacation project. Last week, I got a package from Knitting on the Square and it was like Christmas again....oh the lovely yarns inside entised me to begin the ruffled cape that Kate designed....I'm sure mine won't look like hers....I have a way of changing the pattern or forgetting to READ the pattern and not wanting to rip out to fix the mistake.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

old dogs do learn new tricks.....

I can't say that I am an "Old Dog"...but it really boggles my mind that my kids know how to navigate the computer system with such ease. I am trial and error.... over and over and over....if I was Pavlov's dog, I'd be shocked to death by all my wrong clicks......no cookie for me! Well, it took most of the day and night for me to figure out how to get a new flicker account, upload pictures to show, and put them into my Ravelry projects. I will pat myself on the back for that.
Here is a picture of the sock I am working on, dig the pedicure, hairy leg, and the way the toenail polish matches the walls in the kitchen.... it is called, Spanish Tile...don't think O.P.I. makes that color. Off to the next project.......sleep!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Big Step.....

This is my daughter Claire. She decided it was time for a change. Or else she was tired of me telling her to comb her hair, wash it, pull it back, braid it, etc. So she cut it. I think this was a big step for her, being a middle school student, where hair has everything to do with "who you are" at this age. Claire donated the ponytail (hunk)....she has thick hair....to "Beautiful Lengths" sponsored by Pro-V. Now the battles of hair issues are gone, she smiles at me more; I am more proud of her for making this big step toward growing up and giving to others generously. She is a keeper. :-)

In the stash....

This yarn has been calling to me for weeks now....so I decided to try another attempt at making socks.....BOTH ! This time I am working a simple pattern so I won't get discouraged and quit, rip out, or bury away for a rainy day(lol). LOVE IT! It knits up nicely and the pattern change is quick. Even on size 2 needles. Let's see how long it takes me to finish and actually wear them....shall I "cheat" and make them ankle socks? or go the full length and hit the knee????