Friday, February 1, 2008

Big Step.....

This is my daughter Claire. She decided it was time for a change. Or else she was tired of me telling her to comb her hair, wash it, pull it back, braid it, etc. So she cut it. I think this was a big step for her, being a middle school student, where hair has everything to do with "who you are" at this age. Claire donated the ponytail (hunk)....she has thick "Beautiful Lengths" sponsored by Pro-V. Now the battles of hair issues are gone, she smiles at me more; I am more proud of her for making this big step toward growing up and giving to others generously. She is a keeper. :-)

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berta said...

Hi Amy! Kate's mom here. I like your blog! in fact I just started a blog with my six sisters and we chose the same style/format. If we decide to go "public" you will eventually be able to link to it from my comments.

Your daughter looks so wonderful with her new "do." Congratulations to her! I know if my hair was that beautiful it would have been hard to part with it. I like your projects and yarn too. Happy knitting!