Wednesday, February 6, 2008

old dogs do learn new tricks.....

I can't say that I am an "Old Dog"...but it really boggles my mind that my kids know how to navigate the computer system with such ease. I am trial and error.... over and over and over....if I was Pavlov's dog, I'd be shocked to death by all my wrong cookie for me! Well, it took most of the day and night for me to figure out how to get a new flicker account, upload pictures to show, and put them into my Ravelry projects. I will pat myself on the back for that.
Here is a picture of the sock I am working on, dig the pedicure, hairy leg, and the way the toenail polish matches the walls in the kitchen.... it is called, Spanish Tile...don't think O.P.I. makes that color. Off to the next project.......sleep!

1 comment:

Kate said...

It looks like you may be running low on yarn there. Good thing you've already contacted your dealer!